While You Were Sleeping…

Nov 1, 2022

“All you need to know is that the future is wide open and you are about to create it by what you do.”
Pema Chödrön

It is both exciting and scary to be the first pool delegator to share a bit of my experience with you on this Carpool Blog.

It reminds me of raising my hand to be to first to answer a question in elementary school and being picked, only then realizing you have no clue what the answer is. 

I am 36 years old, own my first house with my spouse, have 5 small dogs, and work what many people would label a generic “9-to-5” job.

Some of the worries that fill up my thoughts are mainly around fiscal matters and how I can sustain this 9-to-5 life for another 40 years until I reach retirement age. Truthfully, it sounds unbearable on the hard days and potentially less so on regular days when “shit doesn’t hit the fan” for lack of better words. 

As I sometimes found myself daydreaming about ways to “escape”, I couldn’t help but marvel at the thought, Why did we create this system of wealth, and why do we, especially I, keep buying into it? If other people out there found a way to create generational wealth surely so can I… Right?

When Fletcher first started telling me about his carpooling adventures with colleagues I was happy he was meeting like-minded individuals and friends who were sharing things that were blowing his mind! So when he first came home and told me to download an app, I was not sure what he was talking about but I did it anyway. I should clarify it took me 2 weeks to get around to it, and this was mainly because I had a very difficult time “letting go”. 

It was hard to fathom taking my US dollars and transferring them to an app and “converting” them to ether, not to be confused with Etherum token, but quite literally ether aka aether! Nothingness, the atoms that occupy the space between us, or.. aren’t ghosts made of ether?

Anyway, you catch where my brain was taking me, You mean I am taking USD and buying internet tokens! Are we really gonna do this?!!…

Nah, girl I’m not gonna do it!


Now while you sleep, while the WHOLE world sleeps my ADA tokens increase without me needing to learn to “ride a wave” or sell and buy when there is a “dip”. 

I have gained more in 6 short months than in my traditional savings account, which is why I encourage you to schedule a consultation now. 

Learn what staking is, how the Cardano ecosystem is quite literally offering you a red pill, down the most wonderful rabbit hole you’ll ever willingly climb into.