Staking with Self-Custody

CarPool Crypto operates the equipment and software that provides staking services for ADA holders. We offer classes as well as personalized crypto education and consultation for individual investors, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Staking Services

Cardano’s highly scalable and sustainably secure proof-of-stake protocol, Ouroboros, combines unique technology and mathematically-verified mechanisms that ensure the security and sustainability of the blockchains that depend on it.
CarPool provides personalized staking consultation services to meet the needs and goals of individual investors, businesses, and non-profit organizations. 
Please visit fill out our contact form to request an initial consultation today or message us on social media according to your preference. 
Follow this link for staking Tutorials and Educational Videos.

Blockchain Consulting

Interested in more than staking services alone?

Looking to build your business or a portion of your business on Cardano?

Have an idea for a NFT project that you need help getting off the ground?

CarPool is delighted to work with you and support you and/or your organization reaching its goals. Assist Non-Profit organizations interested in learning about how blockchain technology can create sustainable models to keep your organization fiscally responsible and sustainable into the future.

CarPool consulting services provide industry insight for new projects. Connecting you with our partners such as industry experts, developers and programmers as needed to match your needs and reach your goals.

Crypto Education

Any new innovative and disruptive market needs education to help new users conceptualize the utility of the new technology

A paradigm shift requires patience and understanding of the value being offered. 

CarPool provides private and personalized education for organizations and communities. 

Please contact us with your request for private or public classes, presentations, or conversations to meet your needs.