Non-Profit Partners

CarPool Crypto donates 10% of proceeds to Veteran and local non-profit organizations

The #1 challenge impacting all non-profit organizations is funding. CarPool’s vision for non-profit partners is to demonstrate the power of the Cardano ecosystem. Carpool is working to ‘future-proof’ select non-profits, building resilience through consistent and reliable funding. Each of our non-profit partners receive ADA donations in a wallet that is also delegated back to CarPool. This provides several clear benefits:

  • Donations accumulate each epoch that a block is minted (rewards are distributed with work completed by the stake pool. 
  • The delegated stake from donated ADA begin earning additional rewards and the account continues growth.
  • The donated ADA is accessible for the non-profit at any time should funds need to be accessed and spent for organization’s needs.
  • As their ADA accumulates and the price of ADA continues to appreciate, the rewards will eventually become a source of consistent funding – delivered every 5 days with the completion of each epoch in which a block is produced.

Non-Profit Partnerships

Warrior Beat

Warrior Beat uses professionally facilitated drum therapy to help Veterans and those impacted by war who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, and other mental and physical ailments. 

Motivational Parent

Motivational Parent works toward a brighter future for parents and children. They provide classes, groups, and events that provide training on the use of specialized communication techniques and skills with a mission of making a difference in the home.

Heart Space Medicine

Heart Space Medicine is a Functional and Integrative medical clinic providing low and no-cost care to individuals and families in need of access to care or experiencing medical crisis.

Benefits available to CarPool delegators (coming soon!)
  • Special access to a monthly drumming class by Warrior Beat (virtual)
  • Special access to pre-recorded and live seminars by Motivational Parent, as well as discounts on other special events and courses.
  • Additional discount on select services provided by Siskiyou Vital Medicine clinic.
  • Special access to wholesale priced products offered through Medicinal Wisdom such as supplement and the wellness services, pre-recorded and live stream classes and courses.